Objects of Vanity

Family Memories

San Jose State. December 2016. Belcher Gallery.

Mixed Media on Bristol Board and Acetate

           With this project I have decided to try and decode some of my families’ memories through a means of exploration in the mediums of graphite, duralar and soft pastels. I want to learn about memories that are important in the family, and bring some of their vividness back to life. I would also like to explore the concept of time through memory. My father and I have continued to try and follow my grandfather’s legacy of understanding our family tree and history. My family is very small, I hope this exploration will bring me to a greater feeling of connectedness to my heritage. Deconstructing old photographs into drawings forces me to reimage the context of the day in a new way. What were these people like? What was the climate? What plants are there? What style Architecture is the home they grew up in? What was the economic status of the time? What were the people in the photographs hopes and dreams? Who are they all and how do they relate to one another?

I wanted the work to inspire questions and retell stories that have meaning to my family and rediscover them for myself.