Intergalactic Mission.

With this piece, I fused my love of vintage toys with my interests in space. With dire urgency, a spaceman seeks to find a food source for his starving planet.

To the tune of Intergalactic by Beastie Boys.

Animation created with Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. 


Projection Mapping Proposal

For this project we created our ideal vision if we could projection map anything on anywhere. This is a bit of a fantasy as the Syufy Domes are gone, but would have been neat to see as a means to draw more people back into the magic of Cinerama movie making.

Song Sampled is the theme from Dr. Zvagho, the title that aired at the opening of the Century 21 Dome theatre in Pleasant Hill.

Adobe After Effects and Photoshop



This piece was made to reflect how it feels to have anxity and experience panic attacks. Video was filmd with a Cannon DSLR. 

Song Sampled in Background: Blockhead "Its Raining Clouds,"

A silly video I made that demonstrates tracking.

Adobe After Effects



Logline: A lonely, impressionable pterodactyl goes for a walk, and comes across a girl that takes him on an unexpected psycedelic trip.

Class themes: 1. Making videos about straight forward Narratives or Non-Narrative, be it live action descriptions or personal interviews. It can also be based on mashups that create some kind of cohesive idea. (Project 1)

4. Making a video based on post-production techniques that give you the ability to trick , fool the eye. or create paradox. Create a believable yet unbelievable moment.

My vision for this final video was to be more abstract but it ended up having a small narrative. I used many, many different masks, stablization tracker and green screens to try and make the "unbelievable, believeable." I shot this video on a combination of my cell phone, a Blackberry Priv and a Canon DSLR. Recently in another class I saw a presentation on another classmates consistent dropping acid habit and thought, "Hm, that sounds fun to play with." I was also inspired kind of by old claymation movies. I initially had different plans for this guy but ended up going against them because he wouldnt walk straight. The masking took alot of time too, so I would like to probably expand this more in the future. I struggled alot with After Effects over this semester but, enjoyed learning After Effects and want to know what else I can make in it. I still feel like I still take a ridiculous amount of time to use the program but I am more confident.
Song Clip: KoRn "Freak on a Leash
Final Video: 1 Minute Long